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Bhutan and its rich culture is the trip of a lifetime and one way to create & celebrate some of our life’s most special moments. This is possible with us Pinda Bhutan Travels. Whether you want to admire the nature’s beauty (which covers 75% of the country), an architecture of traditional building and Dzongs, unique culture, adventure (using 4X4, biking), or historical Bhutan. We together with YOU can organize your perfect trip – exactly the way you want it.

You are entrusting us with your dreams and we value and recognize that trust. That’s why we will consult with you one on one to create an exceptional Customized travel experience as unique as you are, with an attention to details and a level of customer services that is second to none. Its that level of trust, understanding, and service that distinguishes Pinda Bhutan travels from the rest.

Beyond the majestic and modern resorts don’t hesitate to stay with the locals - Homestay. Immerse yourself in our culture and share warm moments with your host to discover a more intimate and genuine side of Bhutanese culture and enjoy the authenticity and luxury of True Bhutan – have the best of both worlds.

We will make sure that your trip to BHUTAN will be an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Us?

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