Bhutan 4X4 Adventures


Cycling across Bhutan
Cycling across Bhutan

Bhutan 4X4 adventure takes you to the most selfless people on earth, the magic of monasteries, dzongs & a treasure trove of Buddhist art

Road to happiness

Bhutan’s Misty mountain tops, the most selfless people on earth, the magic of monasteries and dzongs, and a treasure trove of Buddhist art.

That is the road-to-happiness, an epic adventure traversing the breadth of the country, through the remotest and most beautiful interiors of Bhutan.

Take an incredible road-trip with us covering the breadth of the country, starting from Phuntsholing and ending in Samdrup Jongkhar!


We love off-road 4X4 vehicles, as the mean to take us to places that otherwise are not accessible.  We love to drive them ourselves, off-road, where possible. So much different from the ordinary way of being driven as tourists from point to point.
For us, it’s the complete Journey that matters, not just the Destination.

Our vehicles take us far off the usual tourist path, in one adventurous epic journey.

Over the course of the journey, we drive on non-tar trails, uphill crossing mountain passes with breathtaking views and then abruptly downhill, taking us from changing scenery of verdant forests and flower-filled valleys, through alpine forest, open valleys, along the rivers and lakes, lush meadows, rich staircase landscapes, with towering mountain peaks.

Visiting the traditional villages and ancient monasteries and temples are highlights that can hardly be reached in any other way.

A truly unforgettable and unique experience.

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