Entrancing Nimalung & Kurjey Festival

Entrancing Nimalung & Kurjey Festival 14 Days

Tour Highlights

The Entrancing Nimalung & Kurjey Festival is the right choice for travelers looking for best local festival experience in Bhutan. The Festival is being held in Chumey, nearly half hour drive from Bumthang Town. This leisurely paced cultural trip is designed to give you the most of what Bhutan has to offer to our travelers. Trip provides a fairly complete and an indulging experience with something for everyone, a glimpse of our Bhutanese living culture and traditions, rich history, stunning nature walks through virgin forests, interaction with friendly people whose natural sense of hospitality is renowned and a genuine reason to tick Bhutan as one of your favorite destinations. Entrancing Nimalung & Kurjey Festival trip is one of the favorites of our guests in terms of sale numbers. Tshechu Festivals in Bhutan are constantly led or consummation on the tenth Day of a Bhutanese Calendar month as the term “Tshechu” implies the tenth, which is generally celebrated as the Birth Anniversary of Guru Rinpoche, the Second Buddha. Tsechu Festivals are sorted out in every one of the 20 Districts of Bhutan and each region performs at auspicious months from each other and it’s more like a New Year Celebrations and it’s both cheerful festivals for the subjects and additionally enormous day of the contributions to the Guru Rimpoche and other nearby religious divinities. One of the most important festivals held at the Lhakhang is the Kaling Zhitro Drubchen. Doring Trulku initiated it and he was the first person to have started the rite in Bhutan. It is held on the first fifteen days of the first month of the Bhutanese calendar every year.

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